Our Workshops

They are Flexible

As our name shows, our workshops are mobile – we come to you! Perfect for lots of different settings, all you need to do is choose from our wide range of beautiful and inspiring workshops, let us know the type of session you want, and we’ll take care of the rest. We can provide one off workshops, or put together a stimulating and creative programme that will keep offering new delights week after week: the choice is yours.

They are Simple
Intent on producing their next masterpiece...

A relaxed, creative painting session

Participants don’t need any prior experience – we tailor each session to the needs of those taking part, bring along all the materials that people will need, and clear away afterwards – all we leave behind are the stunning objects made by the participants themselves! We structure our sessions at 1-2 hours in length so they can easily be fitted into most schedules, and our careful tuition means that everyone is able to create a finished project within that time.

We can also provide specially designed workshops for residents in care homes that streamline our activities still further so that everyone can take part and enjoy what’s on offer, regardless of health limitations. The picture on the right shows a  watercolour session at a Southport care home, with some beautiful work being produced.

They are Enjoyable

The simple act of making things can help participants tap into the creativity that we all have inside, and the friendly atmosphere that we create in each session helps people to try new things whilst simultaneously improving their mental health and wellbeing. Below you can see some of our most popular workshops, and we’re developing new ones all the time – just ask if you’d like something you can’t see here, we’d love to help!

Silk Painting

A new creation takes shape...

A new creation takes shape…

Silk painting has a fantastic vibrancy and colour which is rarely found in any other medium – people love the effects they can produce. This workshop is perfect for complete beginners as they can choose from a wide range of pre-printed outlined designs – everything from dolphins to flowers.  We often find this becomes a repeat session as once people have tried it, they want to have another go at a different design! The end result is a beautiful picture or card, whatever your ability.

Relaxing, rewarding and fun – it’s no wonder people get hooked on it!


Doodle Art

Doodle Art drawings - a great aid to mindfulness

Doodle Art drawings – a great aid to mindfulness

Doodle Art is based on repeating simple patterns in a structured way to fill what would otherwise be white space within a picture. An added bonus is that these can be coloured in after the workshop too! Our tuition on this structured technique helps to make the act of drawing easy, pleasurable and meditative. As well as the artistic satisfaction of creating a unique and intricate end result, it also gives an increased sense of personal well-being.


Just some of the wonderful books we can help you create!

Just some of the wonderful books we can help you create!

Being able to make and bind your own notebook is a lovely way for participants to continue to use and enjoy what they’ve made long after the original workshop. Depending on the type of participant and the time available, we provide all the materials and support to create either a beautiful handbag sized notebook, or a larger Japanese-bound album. Participants can choose from a wide range of paper and card to make a unique book that they can use themselves, or give as a gift. A popular workshop for all ages and abilities.

Iris Folding

A perfect handcrafted card

Never heard of iris folding? It’s a wonderful way to use small scraps of paper to create a delicate spiralling design – like the iris of an eye opening up. We use origami paper because of its intricate patterning, and find that this is often a popular follow on workshop for people who’ve done the origami session and fallen in love with the beautiful papers used!

As well as providing hands on tuition during the session, we also give participants the template for the design to take away – so they can recreate it again at home, making their own pictures or greetings cards.



Busy working on their Decopatch project...

Busy working on their Decopatch project…

Decopatch is a highly decorative and very fashionable paper craft that developed from decoupage, using a special paper combined with a glue-varnish to give everyday objects an exciting new twist!  Decopatch looks amazing on card, metal, papier mache, wood, plastic, glass – in fact, we haven’t found anything it doesn’t work on! It’s simple to do – if you can cut/tear/stick paper, you can do this – and gets great results every time. All ages love it (we’ve had everyone from 3 year olds to people in their 90’s enjoy this!)  and we find it’s a particular favourite for family activities – plus once the basic principles are learned they can be used again and again.

Decoptach finished product

…and the finished result!

Folk Art 

Folk art is a type of painting that uses simple techniques like dots and brushstrokes to create beautiful designs. Folk Art has been around for hundreds of years and was traditionally used for painting funtional items like wedding trucks and furniture. It was known as the art of the untrained artist and was used by farmers and peasants to mimic the furniture of the rich. Folk art is beautiful and infinitely variable, participants will be delighted at what they can create with no previous experience.


We hope the above has tempted you to try one of our workshops! Besides these, we also currently offer workshops in collage, card making, paper crafts,  watercolour, origami, creative felt and fabric….with such a wide range it’s easy for us to put together a varied programme that offers stimulation and enjoyment month after month. If you’d like to discuss how we can put together the perfect programme for you and your participants, just get in touch and we’ll be happy to help.



“Zulay, Kate and Helen have been running a variety of Art & Craft with the people of Brighter Mondays Club. They delivered sessions of Silk painting, decopatch, card making, folk art and much more. And every time all participants enjoyed learning each of the skills. They made each session fun and helped each one to relax and express their creativity” – Soumaya Roach, Brighter Living